About Us

The time of ascension, spiritual awakening, and great changes on Earth has begun!

Many people feel the imbalance that currently prevails on Earth. They see and feel that something is wrong, but no one is really able to explain what really is going on.

We are here to unlock this mystery and to make clear what nobody wants to understand. For thousands of years, we have been prepared for this task and many hundreds of reincarnations were necessary to gain this important knowledge and revelation.

We are here to fulfill the Prophecies of the Chamber of Truth, which was carved in stone under the sphinx of Egypt many thousands of years ago. The Prophecies of the Chamber of Truth reveal the greatest mystery of humanity and prepare people for the greatest changes in human history.

People need to be reminded of why they came to Earth and what their true vocation and mission is on this wonderful planet. We are here to ensure that the truth of humanity is no longer withheld.